Here’s How to Look Younger Without Surgery

With the improvement in technology and various websites, availability or access to information has become easier. Multiple providers advertise about medical cosmetics which promise the enhanced look. Simpler ways are suggested which can be adopted with the help of a few tricks that can make you look younger and better.

  • Collagen production plays a vital role in healthy skin. Sugar is one of the greatest enemies of collagen; avoid sugar in all its processed and refined forms.
  • Fill your platter with a variety of multi-colored fruits and vegetables. Every different colored vegetable and fruit has a varied nutrient that is required by our body.
  • Try exfoliating your skin at least twice a week at home and pamper yourself with a facial in a تجميل
  • Get enough sleep, a minimum of 6 to 7 hours a day. Your body repairs itself through sleep process and gets you recharged for the next day’s work. Do not deprive yourself of sleep which will result in various disorders.
  • Add a lot of protein to your diet as it reduces the craving for food and regulates the functions of your body seamlessly.
  • Intake of seafood is a good way of providing yourself a good and healthy skin.
  • Corrective chemical peels are one way of nourishing your skin without undergoing any kind of surgery. It removes all the dead cells, nourishes the skin and gives an enhanced texture.
  • Micro-needling is one more technique that is a craze in recent days. The way it works is simple. Gentle pricks are given on the surface of your skin with the help of the needling tool which increases collagen production thereby giving you a younger looking skin. Moreover, it can be done at home, which is a plus point.
  • LED treatment which is otherwise called as Light Therapy is increasing in popularity. It boosts the collagen levels and nourishes your skin.

Top 10 Foods That Boost Healthy Skin

What one consumes is more important for staying healthy.  The nutrients which are present in food not only helps in strengthening immunity.  It also improves beauty.  To get a healthy and shining skin include the below foods in your menu regularly:

1.    Fish: Fatty fishes have anti-aging properties.  Consuming these provide the body with Omega3 fatty acids.  Hence eating fish can help to get younger and smooth skin.  Fish is rich in Vitamin E.  This vitamin is responsible for skin health.

2.    Avocado:  Avocados are rich in healthy fat.  These contain polyhydroxylated fatty acids.  As a result, regular consumption of avocado can heal skin inflammation.

3.    Walnuts:  Most foods which are abundant in the omega3 fatty acid are rich in omega six fatty acid too.  The omega6 type will worsen skin conditions like psoriasis.  Walnuts are rich in zinc which can help in the healing of this side effect. 

4.    Sweet potatoes:  Sweet potatoes are pink in color.  Foods that are pink/orange have high beta-carotene content.  This reduces aging symptoms like wrinkling and dark spots.  Beta-carotene also minimizes the effect of sunlight on the skin.

5.    Broccoli: Broccoli is rich in Sulforaphane.  It is anti-cancerous.  It can heal the ill-effects of UV rays on the surface.  Besides nutritious food, skin needs various other types of care.  Check for full details.

6.    Citrus fruits:  All citrus fruits are rich in vitamin C.  Vitamin C can significantly improve skin tone.

7.    Soybeans:  Soybeans have a plant compound called Isoflavones.  This can help substantially middle-aged women to get rid of skin dryness and wrinkling.

8.    Green tea:  Green tea is rich in Catechins.  This compound helps in reducing sun damage on the skin.  It also improves skin elasticity.

9.    Olive oil:   Extra virgin olive oil has more of polyphenols.  This will reduce inflammation.

10.    Flax seeds:  Besides fatty acids, flax seeds have good fiber content.  This improves digestion and eliminates toxins.  As a result, the skin starts glowing.…

5 Ways to Tighten Loose Skin After Weight Loss

You would have achieved your goal of reaching your target weight, but you would have been left with loose skin instead of trim and toned body.  However, you don’t have to worry as there are many natural solutions to get rid of the loose skin.  Below mentioned are a few ways you could tighten the loose skin.

Surgical procedure- You can opt for skin tightening surgery to get a toned, healthy-looking skin.  Skin that is in excellent condition responds to the treatment well.  However, ensure that you choose a reputable hospital and surgeon to do the procedure. Go through Mymeditravel to get all the information you need regarding the same.

vShape- This is a painless, non-invasive procedure. During the process of treatment, two radio frequencies will be applied to the skin to tighten the deeper and top layer of the skin. Most of the patients require at least 4 to 5 treatments to tighten the surface, and the result will last up to 3 years.

ThermiTight- This is also a minimally invasive procedure that uses radio frequency. In this case, the results are permanent.  Local anesthesia will be given initially. A tiny probe will be inserted into the skin to deliver the radiofrequency energy to stimulate the production of collagen.

VelaShape- This procedure uses different technology.  During the process, four different techniques are combined: bi-polar radio frequency, infrared, massages rollers, and pulsed vacuum to treat the loose skin.  This is also a painless and non-invasive procedure.

Emsculpt- This treatment helps in building muscles in the buttocks and abdomen without the exercise. Even though the procedure does not change the skin elasticity, it will assist in promoting the muscle shape and growth under the skin which will make the body skin look much tighter. The result of the treatment is permanent, but you will require maintenance treatments.…

The Exercises to Relieve Sciatica and Low Back Pain

The Sciatica pain can be piercing and make you uncomfortable that you don’t want to get off from your couch or bed.  A few reasons for sciatica pain and low back pain may be due to a ruptured disk, injury in that area, narrowing of the spine, poor posture, and few others. 

Naturally, you can treat the condition and also lower the effects of chronic back pain.  Using WeKraton products, you can bring fruitful results on your back and spine by reducing the effects.

If you want to overcome the back pain and to get relief from sciatica, here are the few ways of exercises which could relieve you from chronic pain;

•    Pigeon pose will help to ease the pain in a better way.  In this, you need to lie down and lift your right leg at a right angle, hold your thighs, and lift your left leg.  Place the right leg on the knee of the left leg.  Repeat this exercise by shifting the procedure to each leg.

•    Knee facing opposite shoulder is also one of the best and simple tasks to try at home.  You need to lie down flat and lift and bend your right leg and hold with your hands.  Try to pull your right knee to the left shoulder and keep it for around 30 seconds.  Stretch your knees to the comfortable position never apply force.  Switch the exercise with the other leg too.

•    Sitting pose and stretching will help you to restore your chronic pain. Sit on the ground and extend your legs flat.  Lift and bend your right leg and place it opposite near your left leg facing it outside. Stretch your body a little to the right side.  Switch the exercise and repeat it with the left leg.

•    In standing hamstring stretch, you need to stand straight.  Lift your right leg and place it above the nearby support and bend a little forward holding your foot.  Try it with the left leg and repeat the procedure for some time.  This will help you to stretch your legs and spine.

•    You can try sitting pigeon pose in which you need to sit in the ground, place the right ankle on the left knee.  Bend forward reaching your body to a thigh and hold it for about 30 seconds.  Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

All these exercises are aimed at lowering your chronic pain.  However, ensure a comfortable position while doing these physical exercises.  Care needs to be taken while stretching your body and legs and never do it forcefully to avoid muscle cramps.…

Top Benefits of Seeing a Doctor Regularly

In the pursuit of convenience and comfort, many people are now relying on healthcare and wellness apps as a substitute for primary healthcare practitioners. They don’t realize the importance of visiting doctors regularly who can provide timely, affordable healthcare. Check out the following good reasons to understand why visiting doctors should be a part of your health plan.

•    A regular visit can establish a good relationship with the practitioner which helps you to communicate better with the doctor. You would be confident and comfortable enough to share anything concerning your body and health. Multiple interactions help the doctor understand the patient, which can influence the treatment that is suggested.

•    Also, an established patient enjoys the privilege of accessing the practitioner 24×7 and call for help, if needed. The site, helps you find the best practitioner around your locality.

•    It is good to schedule an appointment even though you feel all right. Regular monitoring of your body and the functionality of vital organs helps to identify problems early and forecasts the likely outcomes and make them treatable. It lowers the medical costs and saves your precious time.

•    Your regular visits help your healthcare practitioner to get more profound insights about your medicines, what you are allergic to, supplements you need, screening tests you require at various stages of your life.

•    Being an established patient, you can get your doctor’s appointment with ease as most doctors provide same day appointments for existing patients in case of an emergency.

•    Regular visits to doctors help to keep your medical record up to date. During unfortunate occurrences like car accidents and loss of consciousness, your documented medical records could be made accessible to the emergency ward physicians, which in turn eliminates the need for unnecessary tests and ensure the best level of care.…

Consumption of Sugar for Kids: Effects on Health and Tips to Avoid

Children food should be healthy and nutritious since they need a high amount of nutrients for their body development.  It is a challenging job for the mothers to make them eat with a healthy diet daily. When you surf through the net, you will get many tips to make your children’s food nutritious and healthy.  However, making them eat is a more onerous task than ever. 

Like many other parents, even you may be a little worried about your child sugar consumption and often finding ways to replace it naturally.  Most of the parents worry about the level of sugar intake in the form of sugary items, sweetened beverages, etc.  It is hard to evade sugar from your daily intake since it is inevitable.  Everyone loves to eat sweets and fond of sweet cookies and other items.  However, you can reduce the level of consumption considerably due to harmful effects like obesity, weak immune system, etc.

Here are the few ways you can reduce the sugar intake;

•    Honey:  Honey is the best and excellent sweetening agent which can be added in the fruit juices or any of the recipes.  It is healthy and will not bring any side-effects.  The nutritionist highly recommends it for its improved benefits. 

•    Brown sugar: It is a combination of sugar with the molasses, and it contains minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.  It is also rich in sucrose content.  Instead of sticking with the regular white sugar, you can make use of this brown sugar in making any sweet recipes or for any fruit juices.

•    Maple Syrup:  From the maple tree, the maple syrup is extracted and used as a sweetener in preparing pancakes, oatmeal, porridge, etc.  It is used as an ingredient for baking any stuff too.

Instead of using white sugar regularly, you can replace it with the other ways naturally either with honey or brown sugar.  Parents play a vital role in educating and nurturing healthy habits among children. Also, make them engage in any of the physical activity either with indoor or outdoor activities.  Find out what toy to buy here for your children so that they will be fully engaged in playing those toys rather than sitting in front of the television.…

7 Ways To Improve Your Body Image, Confidence, and Mental Health

Most people do not realize the impact of their body image on their mental health. You might be doing a lot of things to lose weight or even to gain weight but in the end, the way you feel about yourself is what matters the most. Do not lose or gain weight because of social stigma. Do not join a sport because people around you recommend it. Do not try a diet plan simply because it is a trend. Do something that you actually love doing and your perception of your body image changes. This helps build your confidence and make you feel good.

  1. Attain a healthy weight not because the society labels you fat or thin but because a healthy weight is good for your fitness and general health.
  2. Buy yourself clothes that fit. Do not pick a size more or a size less than your actual size hoping that you would fit in it. This brings down your self-esteem when you do not attain your goals.
  3. Wear designer labels. And choose clothes that suit your body shape. This would make you feel more confident about yourself. You can also accessorize your clothes with products from LUXTIME. And then layer your clothes or create an outfit that embraces your body shape.
  4. Do not get fooled by the processed images of the celebrities and models that the social media sites and magazines publish.
  5. Choose therapy either in the form of spiritual support or even as a support group if you are having a tough time coping with your emotions. Talk to your therapist about how you feel about your body, your weight.
  6. Get into clothes that keep you comfortable. This is possible if you start dressing based on your tastes and based on your convenience rather than blindly following the trends.
  7. Stay away from people who are constantly body shaming you or those around you.

Top 10 Reasons To Detox (When You Do It Right) 2019

A common mistake people make is to embark on a detox routine not even knowing how to go about it and then claim that detoxification does not work when done systematically detoxing will cure all ailments. Here are 10 reasons why you should detox for health purposes if you are looking for drug detox check here.

  1. Flushes out toxins: Pollution, preservatives in food, pesticides etc., eat away at our cells and tissues exposing us to a host of diseases if not flushed out regularly.
  2. Strengthens immune system: By removing the additional layer of toxins in the body the immune system functions better and at an optimal level thereby endowing better health.
  3. Aids weight loss: The body’s ability to burn fat improves significantly leading to burning away of even hidden a dipose tissue.
  4. Protects from chronic diseases: It is now proven that pollutants in the air, water and the food we eat can lead to cancer, heart disease besides conditions like diabetes. By detoxing periodically, you can eliminate this risk.
  5. Delay premature aging: When all the organs are under stress your body tends to age faster but when the culprits are removed from the scene your body’s ability to absorb nutrients and minerals increasing thereby improving your health and delaying aging.
  6. More energetic: Detoxing makes you feel lighter leaving you more energetic and with an ability to focus better.
  7. Improves sleep quality: By improving your metabolism and flushing toxins detoxing makes your system more relaxed and at peace with itself resulting in refreshing sleep.
  8. Better skin: With better absorption of nutrients and good sleep you are bound to have better skin which otherwise was subdued with chemicals and toxins.
  9. Improves brain functions: When you clear the body of toxins you also ensure that blood circulation improves and oxygen reaches all cells of the body better especially the brain. It leads to more clarity in thoughts and improved memory.
  10. Improved quality of life:  With all systems working optimally your quality of life will also improve.