Consumption of Sugar for Kids: Effects on Health and Tips to Avoid

Children food should be healthy and nutritious since they need a high amount of nutrients for their body development.  It is a challenging job for the mothers to make them eat with a healthy diet daily. When you surf through the net, you will get many tips to make your children’s food nutritious and healthy.  However, making them eat is a more onerous task than ever. 

Like many other parents, even you may be a little worried about your child sugar consumption and often finding ways to replace it naturally.  Most of the parents worry about the level of sugar intake in the form of sugary items, sweetened beverages, etc.  It is hard to evade sugar from your daily intake since it is inevitable.  Everyone loves to eat sweets and fond of sweet cookies and other items.  However, you can reduce the level of consumption considerably due to harmful effects like obesity, weak immune system, etc.

Here are the few ways you can reduce the sugar intake;

•    Honey:  Honey is the best and excellent sweetening agent which can be added in the fruit juices or any of the recipes.  It is healthy and will not bring any side-effects.  The nutritionist highly recommends it for its improved benefits. 

•    Brown sugar: It is a combination of sugar with the molasses, and it contains minerals like iron, magnesium, calcium, and potassium.  It is also rich in sucrose content.  Instead of sticking with the regular white sugar, you can make use of this brown sugar in making any sweet recipes or for any fruit juices.

•    Maple Syrup:  From the maple tree, the maple syrup is extracted and used as a sweetener in preparing pancakes, oatmeal, porridge, etc.  It is used as an ingredient for baking any stuff too.

Instead of using white sugar regularly, you can replace it with the other ways naturally either with honey or brown sugar.  Parents play a vital role in educating and nurturing healthy habits among children. Also, make them engage in any of the physical activity either with indoor or outdoor activities.  Find out what toy to buy here for your children so that they will be fully engaged in playing those toys rather than sitting in front of the television.