The Exercises to Relieve Sciatica and Low Back Pain

The Sciatica pain can be piercing and make you uncomfortable that you don’t want to get off from your couch or bed.  A few reasons for sciatica pain and low back pain may be due to a ruptured disk, injury in that area, narrowing of the spine, poor posture, and few others. 

Naturally, you can treat the condition and also lower the effects of chronic back pain.  Using WeKraton products, you can bring fruitful results on your back and spine by reducing the effects.

If you want to overcome the back pain and to get relief from sciatica, here are the few ways of exercises which could relieve you from chronic pain;

•    Pigeon pose will help to ease the pain in a better way.  In this, you need to lie down and lift your right leg at a right angle, hold your thighs, and lift your left leg.  Place the right leg on the knee of the left leg.  Repeat this exercise by shifting the procedure to each leg.

•    Knee facing opposite shoulder is also one of the best and simple tasks to try at home.  You need to lie down flat and lift and bend your right leg and hold with your hands.  Try to pull your right knee to the left shoulder and keep it for around 30 seconds.  Stretch your knees to the comfortable position never apply force.  Switch the exercise with the other leg too.

•    Sitting pose and stretching will help you to restore your chronic pain. Sit on the ground and extend your legs flat.  Lift and bend your right leg and place it opposite near your left leg facing it outside. Stretch your body a little to the right side.  Switch the exercise and repeat it with the left leg.

•    In standing hamstring stretch, you need to stand straight.  Lift your right leg and place it above the nearby support and bend a little forward holding your foot.  Try it with the left leg and repeat the procedure for some time.  This will help you to stretch your legs and spine.

•    You can try sitting pigeon pose in which you need to sit in the ground, place the right ankle on the left knee.  Bend forward reaching your body to a thigh and hold it for about 30 seconds.  Repeat the exercise with the other leg.

All these exercises are aimed at lowering your chronic pain.  However, ensure a comfortable position while doing these physical exercises.  Care needs to be taken while stretching your body and legs and never do it forcefully to avoid muscle cramps.